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There are all kinds of photographers and prices. My prices reflect how my clients want me to represent them on the most important day of their lives. Everyone wants something different. That's good otherwise life is really boring.  My pricing is competitive and starts and ends where you want it to start and end.... Period. Thats the way I would want to be treated. I listen to my clients carefully....very carefully. I've also listened to the sobs of a bride who had her heart set on great memories but got bad ones instead.
What you'll never hear about (due to the shear embarrassment), is the "back door" stories I hear. I have received those heart wrenching calls from newlywed brides...
crying on the phone...asking me if they can put on their wedding gown again and rent a tux again. Something went wrong. They don't want anyone to know their photographs did not come out. My answer is "Yes...I can do it" but it's not the same. But sadly...the story is always the same. When I ask the Bride what happened she will say: "We tried to save money" - and then the tears start again. It's a terrible feeling for a bride to admit she made a mistake. Why am I telling you all this? Because I don't want you to have tears of sadness - but of joy!   I want to tell your story with my camera and I want couples who truly care about their wedding photographs.
My pricing is custom created for YOUR needs and your needs only. I would love to discuss your ideas (in person over coffee) and show you all my SURPRISES you get for your money. Lets talk  over a cup of coffee and discuss your day and all it's details. No pressure and I'm buying!  
My passion is to make brides and grooms look as beautiful as they feel.
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Let me tell your story -
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